News & Updates 3 July 2015

Popular Television for Human Rights Education

In May 2015, the first series of eight one-hour episodes of the TV series The Sun, the Moon and the Truth was broadcast to large audiences on national television in Myanmar. The writing and production of the legal drama series grew from a collaboration with Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, and was supported by the British, Danish and Swedish governments.

The fictional series, created and written by AJAR, focuses on the work of a young female legal aid lawyer. It combines love stories, family intrigue, a football theme and humour with episodes focused on domestic violence, workers rights, human trafficking, environmental destruction, workers rights, free speech and the media, fair trial rights and elections.

The national broadcast received excellent reviews, is being repeatedly screened and will be released as a DVD set. It is estimated that millions of people in Myanmar will watch the series. AJAR’s work on the scripts for Series 2 has just been completed.