News & Updates 14 August 2017

Launching in August: Timorese Human Rights TV Series “Laloran Justisa” (Waves of Justice)

Press Release: Laloran Justisa (Waves of Justice) is a new 20-episode law and order TV drama series centred around Rosa, a young lawyer working to defend the human rights of her clients. The series will be launched at a special screening in Dili Cineplex, Timor Leste, on 18 August 2017.

Laloran Justisa has been designed, created and written through a partnership of Asia Justice and Rights (AJAR) and the Timor Leste Provedor for Human Rights and Justice (PDHJ). The European Union financed the series, and Dili Film Works as local partners received the completed scripts and produced the episodes.

The Tetun-language series presents high-stakes law and order drama, family tensions, football, music and love stories in combination with important human rights and democracy themes. The key principle behind Laloran Justisa is that first rate drama and entertainment with a broad audience can also include key information about human rights issues. This principle has been demonstrated by AJAR’s previous work on the highly successful Myanmar TV series “The Sun, the Moon, and the Truth.”

Laloran Justisa will be screened every Tuesday and Friday night from 29 August on the national television network RTTL. In addition, the PDHJ and AJAR will host screenings in all districts of the country and use the episodes in a range of other activities designed to increase understanding of human rights issues.

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