News & Updates 20 June 2021

AJAR for World Refugee Day 2021

On 20 June, we commemorate World Refugee Day to celebrate and honour the strength, courage and resilience of refugees. This year, AJAR supports the UNHCR’s 2021 World Refugee Day theme: Together we heal, learn, and shine. This year, AJAR is sharing photo stories of Rohingya refugees from the Cox Bazar refugee camps in Bangladesh to highlight the realities and resilience of the community living in the camps.

AJAR has been working with Rohingya survivors in the refugee camps in Bangladesh since 2019. AJAR continues to work to document and share their stories of struggle and resilience. Despite the unimaginable sufferings and trauma they have experienced, they continue to live every day with hope for the future of their children, their community and themselves. 

We believe that World Refugee Day is an important reminder to demand and support efforts to protect refugee rights, today and every day to come. It is an opportunity to foster empathy and understanding of refugees suffering, as well as to celebrate their contributions to the world. 

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