News & Updates 6 August 2021

Our 2020 Annual Report is Here!

2020 saw many challenges, especially with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these challenges, AJAR continued its work supporting human rights defenders, victims, and their organizations.  This work was particularly important in a time of recurring human rights violations, growing militarization, and increased attacks on democracies across the region.  AJAR delivered this support through established ‘circles of learning and advocacy’ in six countries, supported remotely by inputs from peers and experts from around the world

2020 saw the implementation of a number of projects, including 141 online and offline activities, with a total of 7,894 participants.  AJAR’s work includes raising awareness and understanding of human rights, developing individual and organizational capacity, strengthening linkages and increasing the social capital of human rights defenders, and providing technical assistance, including policy and legal inputs.

AJAR is proud to present its 2020 Annual Report, to learn more about where we have been and where we plan on our journey hand-in-hand with our partners and our communities.

Read the full annual report here