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Learning Together: Papuan Women Building a Methodology for Participatory Action Research

After many years of documenting and advocating on issues of violence against women in Papua, we must acknowledge that impunity is entrenched. Justice, truth, healing and guarantees not to repeat remain far from reach.

This reality has driven us to develop a participatory approach. One that can provide a safe learning spaces for women in Papua, offer a step towards healing and invite women to build solidarity and joint action for transformation. Because justice remains elusive, we believe that a feeling of justice can be achieved through the process of learning together and empowering women as agents of change in their own lives. Step by step, participants in the participatory action research reflect on their lives, exchange their experiences and build solidarity.

This photobook presents a learning process in Biak, Jayapura, Keerom, Wamena, Merauke, and Sorong, together with KPKC GKI in Tanah Papua, ELSHAM Papua, Humi Inane Wamena, SKP Keuskupan Agung Merauke-Eladpper, Belantara Papua Sorong, as part of an initiative by the Papuan Women’s Working Group (PWG), a group of Papuan women activists who are working to end violence against women in Papua. This photobook complements the participatory action research report that was launched by PWG, entitled I Am Here: Voices of Papuan Women in the Face of Unrelenting Violence.